July 4th: The Independents Day Challenge

The UK General Election election has been announced for just over a month's time. July 4th. An appropriate Independents Day.

Are we content to sit back and settle for more of the same? Whether it's Labour, Lib Dems, Greens, Reform or whoever are playing the game, we can be assured that it will be a case of same old, same old, dancing in thrall to the tune of the WEF, WHO, UN or other globalists who are riding roughshod over governments.

Is now the time to look at alternatives?  We've been doing work over the last couple of years to put together a Trailblazers Manifesto which presents a range of common sense humanitarian principles, a Manifesto for Living in these precarious times.

We have little over a month to make this happen. 

Who would be prepared to stand up and Trailblaze new directions?

How to stand as a candidate at a general election

We envisage something way more fit for the times than dinosaur political parties. 

Would you like to join us?