New Politics with an OpenHeart: We are the Trailblazers of this Election!

Everyone has been left stranded and unrepresented by our broken Punch and Judy political system, who do these dinosaur party politics benefit? We need a totally different approach, one with much greater passion and vision, one that rises to the demands of these challenging times. Poverty, oppression and mis-management are growing and we need change. Our collective action can build a new paradigm. Everyone can be a ‘Trailblazer’, we are together on this, we need to start defining how to be human in 2024.

Trailblazers is a movement, of individual people leading the way, forging a framework for real and radical change, with hope, truth, and positive solutions underpinning a framework based on universal shared values:


Built around the core values that nurture life.


A society run by all, for all, drawing from diverse viewpoints and experience. 

3 Local 

Democracy at grass roots level, circular economies for communities working within a larger inter-connected framework.


Allowing people to have a proper voice and take part in their own society.


Moving away from materialism, growth and profit towards stable communities.


Bringing people together to create what they need.


Breaking from old habits; outmoded party politics, economics, and tribal dogma.


Pooling knowledge globally, using new approaches to connect our learning and to develop ideas, sharing for the greater good.

9 Respectful 

Of nature, the environment, other communities and our world

10 Joyful 

What is the purpose of our existence if not to enjoy life and what it has to offer?

The Trailblazers movement want individuals, and communities together nationally to be empowered and in control of their futures. This path indicates how we are invited to create systematic change.

The Path:

I AM : Personal commitment

Heart-Centred In an empathetic society where people are put first there is less suffering. Shifting from materialism, greed and fear to fulfilment through connection, support and meaning - my emphasis is on ‘building for life’.

Kind Treating people with honour and respect, with acts of kindness, putting love centre stage, I can support others to be themselves.

Finding Myself With emotional support I can grow, until I reach my full potential. I can be independent and resourceful, up-skill and learn new things that are fun and rewarding.

Sharpening my Tools ‘I am the change’ and I am aware of where the power lies - with us, the people, I’m opening my eyes, learning new skills and teaching others.

Ethical & Resourceful My commitment to build the community is to support teamwork, co-operatives and local businesses rather than corporations. Stocks, shares, pensions and savings can be run at a local level..investing in local things. Big multi-nationals bleed the community dry. I can use less, spend less, earn less and recycle.

Health & Food is fundamental. A good quality of life requires high standards of health and nutrition. I want to be happy, stay fit and look after myself, with minimal need for healthcare. We all need to build a healthy society, nurturing children at the centre, and being conscious of how we approach growing food and looking after those who become unwell. The focus is on the wellbeing of each person.

Nature Connection I want to live in harmony with nature. I appreciate nature, and I am a physical, biological and part of the world. It is healthy for me to follow the natural cycles and rhythms.

Open to Collaboration As part of the group I encourage and support and participate.

WE ARE : How it can work in our local community

Form Self-Sufficient Local Communities Food, energy and shelter are basic to life, so we need to co-operate to provide these to everyone affordably, at a community level, as these provide humanity with a stable existence. Pool resources and skills exchanges.

Listening To Each Other Remove the 'divide and conquer’ barriers which drain our intent to actually get things done for ourselves and improve our own or our collective situation.

Imagining Re-imagine the future with more compassion and equality, a place where we can all can flourish, create and experience a productive and fruitful environment. Let's use our unique human gifts, our imagination and co-create the next era.

Celebrating the Commons trademarking, copyrights, intellectual property, enclosure and exploitation to creative commons, open source and community collaboration. Promote Right to Roam, land reclamation, community spaces, sharing for the greater good.

Demonetisation Move away from values based around money to those based around quality, time and emotional fulfilment. Reduce the need for numerical exchanges (money system), donate time, participate, and enjoy abundance and mutual generosity.

Connected Network Self Sufficient Communities become nodes of a larger national and global interconnected framework, allowing the world to work together.


How do we feel about what is going on both in our country and in the wider world? Do we have a say? Here are some suggestions of how these big issues can be approached:

Global Summit We are at the point where many issues need to be addressed. Honest discussions and investigation into subjects - global population and use of resources, technology, media, law and justice, defence and health. We require international discussions which are transparent and which represent the people, not the corporations, large state entities or wealthy private interests. Important issues suggested include:

Decoupling from unelected ‘global’ organisations and systems that do not serve us






Rule of Law

Banking/Financial System

We need to understand how we are currently being subjected to undemocratic top-down control and resist and opt out of these unelected supranational organisations and systems which benefit the few at the expense of the many.

Old financial mechanisms we need an independent and non-usury local lending and currency system to keep the economy local and circular. The global financial system is keeping us in a cycle of ever increasing production. The financial sector has become so large that it is dominating and draining our societies. We need to move out of an opaque system based on debt. We can create local currency and lending within our communities and then make this interchangeable nationally and internationally.

Crypto/Blockchain these technologies are being used to create a tokenisation of every conceivable asset on the planet. We are being trapped into a new financial system that is being manufactured for control. The ledger lists assets and transactions, everything on computer using propriety technology, and an immense amount of energy. Global AI management Aladdin can ‘trade’ and direct these assets without human oversight. AI and robots will be able to use crypto money to compete with and dominate humans.

Sovereignty Bring our power back from the supranational powers of the WHO, UN, IMF and WTO that overule the Governments and people. Decisions on international issues to be made by the collective people of the country. We can make decisions.

Direct Democracy National issues can be decided using direct democracy - the model used in Switzerland, with up to four referendums per year giving people more involvement and understanding on larger issues.

Politics is defunct transitioning to accountable national management. Currently central issues are played like a ping pong match. Many issues can be dealt with locally. It is time to develop a long term approach which considers management of larger issues as a professional endeavour. Fully transparent auditable, and accountable, We, the people can employ others under contract to maintain and run central systems using direct democracy to make decisions.

Free Fair Trade Trade based on real costs, not manipulated to benefit major industrialised ‘controlling countries’ via the WTO rules.

Education Encouraging diverse learning models which centre round individual strengths, learning and skills, and interpersonal qualities, where children are recognised as unique and equal. Move towards towards experiential learning and away from targets and grades.

Health remove profit to large commercial interests, promote self responsibility for own care. Run this locally and on small scale and make it personal. 

Investigate the health implications of new technology and reach consensus on what the remit, limits and transparency of Biotech needs to be. 

Defence Peace is the long term aim - through de-escalation of all military, biological, psychological, stratospheric weapons or cyber threats to infrastructure. The unfortunate recent events in Gaza can be a key to understanding everything else that is wrong in a world dominated by money and military-industrial complex. A language for peace should be developed, so that through discussion and agreement humanity can be brought towards safety. There will be no peace without justice, so reconciliation and reparations should be started. 

Technology we are not robots  - make technology work for us, not us work for technology. Technological overview with Tech Treaty addressing AI, nanotech, biotech and the information technology ‘matrix’. Appraise the health implications of new technology which is currently under-tested with expert investigation.

Rule of Law we first need to understand how we have developed the legal systems we use and who exactly they serve. The establishment of unalienable human rights should be central to any Law. 

Justice prisons are becoming a lucrative business and rehabilitating people is not the first consideration. A human-centred, not profit driven approach is needed.

Media Upholding free speech, employ good practice with news dissemination - Collective citizen news. Remove advertising and corrupting ‘donations’ and aim to remove bias, require transparent funding and sourcing. Break the hold of the media monopoly. Discussion and debate is central to a path to the future. 

Our Legacy We are making a call for humanity to make the continuation of life for future generations our primary consideration – before profit, power or personal ambition. "Will what we are doing truly support a healthy, life-affirming future for our children and their children’s children?”