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"Red wall, blue wall. It's Emma Wall where it's at." was the mantra on X/ Twitter (now at 1.3 million views)

The reference was to our very own Independent #Trailblazer 🔥 Emma Wall who actually polled a creditable 1833 votes in Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, not the 1 vote that was 'mistakenly' posted and made its way into a Twitter thread.

The story is here: https://www.reuters.com/fact-check/on-screen-election-graphic-mistakenly-showed-candidate-with-one-vote-2024-07-05/

Great effort Emma Wall and Claire Johnson who ran a vigorous campaign in Sussex. Labour held the seat with Chris Ward getting 44% of the 59% turnout. He was voted for by just 25.96% of the electorate in this constituency. 


This is Emma's pitch from the election:

I am a 56 year old single mother of three and small business woman.

I have been observing the political system since Margaret Thatcher came into power in 1979, and I have become progressively more disillusioned by the system and the individuals who claim to represent the people.

I view our political system as an elite one which serves the few while the very many (well over 90%) stand by and watch, feeling utterly powerless over their lives. Politics has been in the hands of too few people for too long. Often, these people live in complete ignorance of the crippling cost of living that the majority of the electorate face.

If I am elected at this upcoming election on July 4th, I promise to be a local politician addressing local issues.

I intend to encourage true democracy by inviting the constituents from Kemptown, through the Deans and out to Peacehaven to be more involved in the democratic process. I will be inviting you to people's assemblies and regular talks and debates, both online and in-person and canvassing your opinions about political matters. This is how we can influence Parliament - with a local voice.

Our electoral system is not representative of the actual vote and, down the line, I will be campaigning for Proportional Representation and more Direct Democracy. This will transform the voting system and bring more people into the political sphere.

In the short term, my goals are to push for policies and processes which improve the quality of life of those most disadvantaged in society.

I will be looking at how we manage food supply chains, supporting farmers, and exploring ways of getting healthy food from farm to table, making good food affordable to all, because this underpins a healthy and strong society.

I will scrutinise housing and rents within our area and bring back systems of rent control for people on low incomes. I will also explore ways to make better use of the resources we already have for example Stewardship schemes for empty properties.

I will also consult with hotels and independent B&Bs to explore ways to attract tourists back into the existing infrastructure. This will return housing stock to its intended purpose - homes - rather than Airbnbs.

I will back a health system which incorporates more preventative and holistic practices, where money spent on managers having meetings about meetings is replaced by spending on practitioners treating patients.

I would like to see school curricula diversified to give opportunities to children who are not so academic. More and more children are being diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum (my first born amongst them). These children often have cluster conditions like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia. Academia is a huge challenge to these children and others who are simply not wired towards academic subjects. I believe we should be teaching useful, practical and artistic subjects which will enable our young people to feel fulfilled and positive about their futures.

I will campaign for a reform to our current tax system and ensure that faceless billion dollar corporations pay their share. This will bring huge amounts of money into the treasury which can then be redirected to improve services which support the less advantaged members of our society.

Talking to constituents in Kemptown, social care is one of the biggest issues facing the area. Vulnerable people are being rehoused and left with no support, guidance or rehabilitation, which sends them spiralling into more and more difficult situations. We need to find real and workable solutions which help these more vulnerable members of society build better lives with community support.

If you too are disillusioned with the current political system, I encourage you to vote for me Wall, Emma Lucy (Independent) on 4th July.

Vote Independent for a different kinder future.

For links  www.trailblazersmovement.org/emmalucywall

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