2023 Event

Here is the info on the Speakers at the Trailblazing Systemic Social Change weekend and course @ Paddington Farm Glastonbury January 2023 - 

Winter Gathering weekend timetable

Friday January 13th, 2023 (arrive from 4pm)

[6pm] Introductions, intention setting and talking through our common goals. 

[7.30pm] Dinner

[9pm] - Social, music, relaxation, creativity and getting to know each other.

Saturday January 14th, 2023

[7.30-8.30am] Breathwork and Breakfast

●      Embodied Dance into Transformational Breathwork - Yael Hochenberg 7.30am 

●      Breakfast - 8.30

9.30am The North Star - Visioning 

●      Pete Lawrence Introduction to Trailblazers and Campfire Network

●      Vision Board - Envisioning a Thrivable World - An invitation for us to collectively co-create the Vision of the world we want.

●      Transition Map of ‘how we get there’ - Collaboratively mapping what we need to transition to the world we want.critical innovations and systemic change points

●      ‘The Movement’ Join us in drawing the foundations of a Movement for Systemic Social Change.

[11.30am]  (for virtual broadcast)

●      Julene Siddique - Key Concepts for Systemic Social Change. (Presentation)

●      “Transformance”  by Rama Mani - We invite you to participate in an interactive theatre performance to experience a process of collective transformation.

[1pm] Lunch

2pm to 4.45pm 

●      [2pm] Peter Joseph - Re-Inventing the Economy to End Oppression (Talk and Q&A)

●      [3pm] Home for Humanity presents  - Engaging Trailblazers from Across the Globe to create a systemic movement beyond borders.

●      4pm to 4.15pm break

●      [4.15pm] Beautiful Trouble - Workshop in Arts-Based Activism  

5pm-6.30pm - Harvest Session 

A Round Table session for ironing our concrete practical strategies for where and how we take collaborative systemic action.

●      6.30 Break: Opportunity to meet, connect and discuss your ideas with others.

7.30pm Dinner

●      8.30pm Circle Sharing

9pm Music and Social

9.30pm Fire Ceremony with Indigenous Elder Mindahi Bastida - Wisdom Keeper and Ritual Ceremony Officer of the Otomi-Toltec peoples.


Sunday January 15th, 2023


●      Embodied Dance into Transformational Breathwork - Yael Hochenberg 7.30am 

●      8.30am Breakfast 

[9.30am] Personal Praxis and Reflections 

●      Sharing Reflections from days 1&2 

[10am-11.30am] Critical Somatics with Thomas Kampe

11.30 break - 15mins

11.45 to 1pm Julene Siddique - Effective Systemic Action (Talk and Workshop) Getting hands on with how to take Effective Embodied Systemic Action

[1pm] Lunch

2pm-3pm Phoenix Goodman - “Co-Actualization: A System of Social Transformation through Collective Self-Actualization” (Presentation)

3pm-3.30pm Juan Carlos - A Multi-Centric Synergistic Social Architecture to Activate the Network of Networks (Virtual Presentation)

3.30-3.45 break

3.45pm to 4.15pm Dan Astin-Gregory / Elevate 


4.15pm break

[4.30pm to 6pm] Collective Earth Agora —Join us in a creative workshop to open new pathways in our collective intelligence.

[6pm-7.30pm] Harvest Session 2 

A Round Table: Honing in on our alliances and critical action strategies. 

7.30pm Dinner

[8.30pm] Break: Opportunity to meet, connect and discuss your ideas with others.

9.30pm Fire Ceremony with Indigenous Elder Mindahi Bastida - Wisdom Keeper and Ritual Ceremony Officer of the Otomi-Toltec peoples.

10.30pm Music


Julene Siddique specialises in the interface between social and system sciences, in particular critical arts and systemic social change. She invented systemic innovation frameworks to address structural violence. She developed an IPA system for effective action with Dr. Steve Wallis and the Foundation for the Advancement of Social Theory. Julene continued developing applications of systemic social change with the World Academy of Art & Science. She Co-Chaired the Arts & Humanities Working Group for Global Leadership 21, a partnership for UN Office Geneva and The World Academy of Art & Science to develop the founding framework for the systematic application of Music & Arts for the SDGs. She continues as a Fellow at the World Academy now Co-Chairing a working group for Global Systems Change with Frank Dixon. Julene sees personal healing and transformation as essential to the paradigm shift. She wrote the global reference for Music and Health with RoundGlass LLC. Julene is also a Neurologic Music Therapist and Trauma-Informed Art Therapist. Her latest project in 'Musical Nutrition' is exploring systemic change to the music industry.

Peter Joseph is an American media producer, author and activist. His most notable works include the film InterReflections and his book The New Human Rights Movement: Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression published by BenBella Books. Joseph's main academic and activist focus surrounds systems science and Systems Change.

Joseph has given talks around the world and his work has been profiled in the New York Times, Vice, The Huffington Post, The Marker, Free Speech TV, The Young Turks, The Examiner and many other media outlets. He has participated in multiple TEDx Events, has worked with The Global Summit and is also a frequent social critic on the news network Russia Today. He has appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Thom Hartmann’s The Big Picture, Watching The Hawks, BoomBust, Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp, The David Pakman show, Christopher Ryans “Tangentially Speaking” podcast, Telesur’s Empire Files with Abby Martin, The Jimmy Dore Show and others.

Phoenix Goodman is a Los Angeles-based advocate for a socially responsible public banking system. He is co-founder of Public Bank LA, founding member of Revolution LA, and policy writer for Divest LA. Phoenix co-organized the Divest LA movement which successfully lobbied Los Angeles City Hall to withdraw its contracts from Wells Fargo as a result of their unethical business practices. He is now working on advocacy for education reform.

Dr Rama Mani  is Co-Founder of Home for Humanity movement for planetary regeneration, Founder of Theatre of Transformation Academy, and Convenor, Oxford Enacting Global Transformation at University of Oxford, Councillor, World Future Council; Fellow of the World Academy for Arts and Sciences.

She is an integral leader, peacebuilder and performance artist whose life, work and art are devoted to human and planetary transformation for creative and integral systems change. 

Rama is the recipient of the Visionary Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award from the Visioneers International Network (Canada) in 2020, the Excellence in Leadership Award of the Global Thinkers Forum (UK) in 2018, and the Peter Becker Peace Prize (Germany) in 2013. Rama is a Councillor of the World Future Council and a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science

Rama is the Co-Founder, with her husband, Professor Alexander Schieffer, of the Home for Humanity movement for planetary regeneration, co-chaired by Prof. Jean Houston (Founder of Social Artistry) , and Dr. Youssef Mahmoud (former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations). 

She is the Founder of Theatre of Transformation Academy,  and the Convenor of ‘Enacting Global Transformation’ at the University of Oxford, where she developed the Theatre of Transformation artform and methodology, based on her 30 years’ experience in justice, peacebuilding and global governance on all continents. Rama’s transformative tailor-made performances, courses and workshops offered at global summits and international venues ignite humanity’s creative power to transform painful pasts and co-author regenerative futures. 

Rama was formerly the Executive Director of the International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Sri Lanka, Director of the Global Peace and Security Course at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, and Oxfam GB’s Africa Strategy Manager, addressing armed conflicts across Africa. She was Senior External Relations Officer to the Commission on Global Governance. 

She has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Cambridge, UK, and an MA in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University, USA.

Rama is originally from India, where she grew up. She is a French National and Indian Overseas Citizen



Juan Carlos Kaiten is a Social Alchemist specializing in evolutionary leadership, global collective intelligence, conscious networks and organizational transformation. Co-Founder of the School of Social Alchemy and The Planetary Alignment Initiative, a blueprint for Community Coherence and Global Social Synergy designed to foster societal wellbeing. 

Frank Dixon Harvard MBA, is a system change leader and pioneer. His Global System Change books provide systemic solutions for all major areas of society. Frank Co-Chairs the Global Systems Change group at the World Academy of Art and Science. As the head of research for the largest corporate sustainability research firm (Innovest/MSCI), he developed the first models for integrating system change into responsible investing and corporate sustainability strategies. He advises investors, companies and governments (e.g. Walmart, US EPA) and has presented at many conferences and universities, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT and Cambridge.

Alexander Schieffer is an integral philosopher, academic activist, passionate educator, and mystic poet. He is Co-Founder of TRANS4M Academy for Integral Transformation (Geneva, Switzerland) and Co-Founder of Home for Humanity (France), a transformative community of “integral worldmakers”, sharing the vision of “co-creating home on Earth”. A Professor of Integral Development at Da Vinci Institute, South Africa and St Gallen University, Switzerland, Alexander is also author of many books (including Integral Development, Transformation Management, Integral Economics and Integral Research-and-Innovation), as well as two poetry volumes and a novel. He is also Co-Editor of the Transformation and Innovation Series and the Integral Green Society and Economy Series, both with Routledge. In his early career, he was founder and CEO of First Asia Publishing in Singapore, prior to which he worked in international investment banking and management consulting across Europe. He has a Ph.D. from  St. Gallen University, with a thesis on ‘The Development of Leadership Personality’.

Dan Astin-Gregory Over the past decade, Dan has directly impacted the lives of more than 100,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders from over 90 different countries with his work in human potential, leadership and entrepreneurship.

He is the founder of Elevate International, a change making organisation dedicated to creating thought-provoking podcasts to address some of the most pressing issues facing humankind

He is more recently known as the host of the Pandemic Podcast which has reached over 15 million views.

Dr Eda Elif Tibet is Founder of Karamamotion, Founder of Ethnokino Festival.

Eda Elif Tibet is an independent documentary film maker and a visual anthropologist from Istanbul, passionate about the power of systems change through film, media and the arts to create 'our commons story'. 

She filmed and directed award winning documentary films under her own label KARMAMOTION a non- hierarchical collective run by academics, artists and activists. Her recent films are; Ait Atta Nomads of the High Atlas (2020) , Awakening a Fairy Tale (2020), Ballad for Syria (2017), Refugee Here I Am (2015), Hey Goat! (2014) AMCHI (2013), 28 Days on the Moon (2012). 

She works on systems change with Collaboratio Helvetica. 

She is a Post-Doc researcher at the geography institute (University of Bern) and an overseas media consultant at the Global Diversity Foundation, working towards a multi-modal ethnography on the transhumance among the Ait Atta tribe in Morocco. 

She obtained her PhD from the University of Bern (Switzerland, 2019) and holds an MPhil degree on Social Anthropology from the University of Kent (UK, 2013). 

She is a founding member of Ethnokino and the Ethnokino film festival www.ethnokino.com in Bern, Switzerland.

She is a Co-founding member of Home for Humanity association in France, and Co-Host of  Home for Humanity, Bern garden 

Cihan Elci

Cihan is a biologist at the Cell Biology Institute in the University of Bern. He is also a photographer, film maker and urban organic farmer. He was previously a Biology Teacher in the Kurdish region of Turkey. He had to flee Turkey and seek asylum after being imprisoned for his defence of Kurdish rights through his cultural and artistic activities as a theatre actor and director. He has refugee status in Switzerland. 
Besides his engagement as a biologist, he makes documentary films and collaborates in film and media projects with Ethnokino and Karma Motion.
He is the Co-Host of  Home for Humanity, Bern garden 

Dr Gail Bradbrook has been researching, planning, and training for mass civil disobedience since 2010 and is a co-founder of the social movement Extinction Rebellion (XR), which has spread internationally since its launch in October 2018: there are more than 1150 XR groups in 75 countries. Gail has been arrested several times for acts of civil disobedience, and for these actions she faces a potential jail sentence of up to 10 years. 

She has trained in molecular biophysics, and her talk on the science of the ecological crisis, the psychology of active participation, and the need for civil disobedience has gone viral and been inspired many to join XR. She is from Yorkshire, the mother of two boys, the daughter of a coal miner, and was named by GQ as one of the top 50 influencers in the UK, and honoured in a Women’s Hour Power list for her part in instigating a rebellion against the British Government. She is currently working on a major new global programme of work called XR Being the Change.

World Academy
Beautiful Trouble
Thomas Kampe is also coming to do a critical somatics workshop