Systemic Social Change Weekend

Campfire co-hosted a Winter Gathering in January 2023 which brought together leaders and revolutionaries from around the world to Trailblaze Systemic Social Change. 

This engaged event involved not just presentational talks, but also workshops and strategy sessions for co-creating Systemic Solutions. The aim is to found and create a Movement that offers a practical framework for re-designing our societal systems and how we live.

It was staged in collaboration with systemic change expert Julene Siddique and Musical Nutrition's Arts Based Activism global network and Dan Astin-Gregory's Elevate Network. 

The Event, The Course and Creating a Systems Change Process

Our aim is to co-create a Movement and Systems Change process. So the event in January is just the beginning! During the event we will also be co-creating Course content - meaning the best online tools we deem as most relevant and powerful for helping all of us take Systemic Action in our everyday lives. 

So when you purchase a Ticket, you're not only getting access to expertise and hands on involvement in Systemic Change, you're also gaining access to an exclusive Online Course giving you some of the best tools for Systemic Action. Delivered to you by the world's leading experts in Systems Change through the Campfire Network.

The proceeds from the Tickets will go to Campfire and Musical Nutrition so we can continue to keep creating these events and build bigger and stronger systems change processes.

Physical and online tickets 

Event Programme

The weekend began with an afternoon welcome and evening social on the Farm on Friday. The weekend mornings started with waking up our bodies with a somatically guided Dance-Flow into the powerful modality of Transformational Breath® with Yael Hochenberg and then moved into talks from change leaders and revolutionaries, practical participatory workshops for visioning, strategising and experiencing/exploring systemic change methods. 

Systemic Change was one of the dominant themes over the Campout weekend and is clearly a major priority for many who were there. The Elevate Network based their day around various approaches to bringing about change. It is now time to move beyond social change. It’s now time for full spectrum Systems Change. This weekend will take you through the key concepts and critical areas of action required to move our society out of structural violence and systems failure and into aligning social and natural systems for planetary wellbeing and human potential. 

Invited guests included Peter Joseph (Founder of Zeitgeist Movement), Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, Dr. Rama Mani(Founder of Home for Humanity), Juan Carlos Kaiten Social Architect and Leader of the Planetary Alignment Initiative, Frank Dixon Founder of Global Systems Change, Political activist Phoenix Goodman, Beautiful Rising's Global South Arts based Activist Network, Dan Astin-Gregory from the Elevate Network. Check out our speakers biogs here

We moved through new literacies, capacities, and critical action frameworks to individually and collectively re-architect our society via a new social movement that we can co-create together that can empower us all.

This Trailblazers manifesto is a work-in-progress and is a central piece we will evolve over the January weekend. This website has been set up for co-creating our values and an action plan as a movement that starts with personal change, activates community at local and regional level and joins the dots globally between those doing the good work. So many people are so disaffected with the current anachronistic political system and the social chaos and uncertainty it leaves in its wake that the time for real change feels more and more urgent. 

We hope you will join us at this Winter Gathering to trailblaze new directions for humanity. It has the potential to be inspirational, nourishing and motivating. Bringing people together is at the heart of this new movement.